Thursday, 18 January 2007

More knicker stories....

Some years ago when I lived alone I was a big fan of pulling allnighters particularly if it involved going down to the beach and having a party there – where I live we have coastline on three sides….Most of my friends were very outdoorsy types so the best part of the night on a beach avoiding being hit by exploding stones was a cool way to spend time…The shingle on the beach explodes when it gets very hot – bonfires – which of course you are supposed to inform the Coastguard of…but I also believe it’s illegal anyway…

Anyway, one particular night we’d all had a few, except for the drivers – which could well have been me that night – which would explain why I didn’t take part in the skinny dipping…..We put out our fire and then returned to a friend’s flat a few streets away. En route we walked past some roadworks…Gas Board roadworks…stupidly they had left a roll (a whole roll) of Danger Gas tape (you know the type, like the police have)….So we stole it ….

A few more drinks at the friend’s house, the inevitable Twister game, maybe even a game of Taboo (I think that’s the one where you have to explain a word without using it and everyone has to guess the word – they wouldn’t play with me eventually, after I used the word Antipodes and the guy who was supposed to guess had no idea what I was talking about….Dear god…). So eventually we head off home….In convoy…but end up loosing some along the way…..

I get home with my then boyfriend, we go to bed, etc. etc.

The following morning I get up, go into the kitchen to put on some coffee and glance out of the window – my car has been wrapped with Gas Board tape…Oh, very funny…Oh, and even funnier, the tape is tied to the back door…But they didn’t realise my back door opened out – so no problem there, hahahaha.

The tape gets cleared up and then we get onto bikes and go visit the likely suspect who is staying with his girlfriend…..

Get to her flat and they’re having breakfast. We join them and all have a jolly laugh about the Gas Board tape. Yes, it was amusing, but they are both hysterical – it wasn’t that funny….Anyway, we eat and I can’t help but notice the underwear laid out on the sofa….So I, being really nosey and having had a good look, say, “Oh, Estelle, you’ve got the same knickers as me”

Estelle starts laughing again.

“No, really you have…Oh, and the same bras…..You bastards! You stole my washing!”

I think I got it all back….

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